“Portrait is a mirror of the soul”

30 November 2017

           On November 30, 2017 at the exhibition hall of the museum was opened the exhibition entitled “Portrait is a mirror of the soul”.

The exhibition  represents self- portraits and portraits of painters from the collection of  the State Museum of Arts of Republic of  Karakalpakstan named after I.Savitsky and most of the artworks will be displayed for the first time.

        The main aim of the exhibition is to attract more visitors to the museum, bring up the rising generation to appreciate the art, arousal of aspiration for enhancement of intellectual level and spiritual potential.

          The visitors will have a chance to see portraits and self-portraits of Uzbek and Russian painters from 1920-1960’s at the exhibition. Over 80 artworks are  on display.

            The exhibition was opened by the welcoming speech of the museum director G.Izentaeva. The exhibition was attended by minister of culture of Republic of Karakalpakstan P.Aytmuratov, painters of Karakalpak branch of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, students of Nukus state pedagogical institute and local and foreign mass media staff.
             The Russian channel “Kultura” participated in the opening of the exhibition and they promised to broadcast it in other Russian channels’ programs.


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