Conference and exhibition "Archaeological discoveries in Karakalpakstan»

22 May 2018

   On  May 22, at the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after  I. V. Savitsky was  held a conference and exhibition "Archaeological discoveries in Karakalpakstan", dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the formation and development of archeology in Karakalpakstan.

  The conference and exhibition was opened by the welcoming speech of  the Deputy Director in  Science  Z. Kurbanova. The conference was attended by Director of the Karakalpak Research Institute of Humanities under Karakalpak branch of Uzbek Academy of Sciences A. Alniyazov, candidate of history, hero of Uzbekistan G. Khodzhaniyazov, professor, doctor of historical sciences M. Tileumuratov, as well as archaeologists, historians and students of the Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh and Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after  Ajiniyaz. At the conference, the candidate of history, hero of Uzbekistan G. Khodjaniyazov made a report on a topic "Archaeological discoveries in Karakalpakstan".

  Within the framework of this conference, an exhibition "Archaeological discoveries in Karakalpakstan" was opened and it is dedicated to the achievements of the archaeological science of Karakalpakstan.

  The exhibition features about 100 exhibits, most of which chronologically belong to the XIII-XIV centuries. These artifacts were found on such monuments as Puljai, Kyzyl-kala, Mizdakhkan, Jampyk-kala, Karatepa, Akshakhan - kala.

  The exhibition presents numerous and diverse household vessels, metal items, glass jewelry. A significant place among the exhibits holds ceramic products: khums, jugs, glazed  bowls, vessels  of the XIII-XIV centuries.  


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