06 September 2020

On September 6, 2020 the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after  Savitsky presented a virtual exhibition entitled "Contemporaries of Independence", dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This exhibition has acquainted art lovers with the artworks of young artists of Uzbekistan who have grown and formed as artists during the years of independence of our republic.

Since achieving independence, Uzbekistan has undergone tremendous changes in many aspects of society. We are witnessing great changes in industry, agriculture, construction, health care, education, etc. Significant developments can be also observed in the field of culture. A pleiades of young cultural figures has emerged who are actively introducing modern, innovative approaches to creative processes.

The painters participating  in today's exhibition use various methods and techniques in art.  19 of them  offer their works for your attention. They represent various regions of Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan, Tashkent, Jizzak, Kashkadarya, Namangan, Syrdarya, Fergana, Bukhara regions, etc.). Each of them is searching for their own way in creativity, experimenting in different styles and directions.

On many canvases presented at the exhibition, you can see scenes from today's life, elements of modern life, signs of new trends in the life of society, especially today ("Covid-19" Khalikov M., "I am today", "In the family circle" Jalalova Gulnaz, "Away" Tolkynbaev Akbarzhan and others).

Young artists are so often attracted by  the topic of Orientalism. If many representatives of the elder generation of Karakalpak masters liked to display folk traditions, elements of the past, showing folk festivities, weddings, etc. then, for example, Sabirbaev Saidbek on his canvases "Untouchability", "Eastern Lights", "My Galaxy", depicting people in national costumes, builds compositions not of a narrative nature, but introduces items of national dress as symbols and attributes.The Karakalpak saukele, worn by girls, here acts as a symbol of the nation, emphasizing the natural beauty, tenderness, grace and pride of self-esteem of the Karakalpak women, and the shugurma on the head of a young man - in the painting "My  Galaxy" - as the national embodiment of courage.

Artists Khozhamuratov Kazakhbai, Kasymova Sarvinoz, Serekeyev Bakhtiyar, Babazhanov Salamat, Yigitali Sattorov, Tleumuratova Aziza and others are representatives of that part of the talented youth who are aware of the artist's task not only to simply display the surrounding reality but to tell about what they see. If Kasymova Sarvinoz often turns to abstraction, then in the work of Serekeev Bakhtiyar there are a number of paintings made in a symbolic and metaphorical key using the elements of primitivism, symbolism, expressionism, Zhuraboev Bekhzod, constructing multi-figured compositions dedicated to the modern life of society, in search of artistic expressiveness, he turns to the ancient Uzbek miniature ("Construction in Uzbekistan", "Uzbek national wedding".)

The exhibition is attended by a number of artists (Ainura Sapekeeva, Dastanbek Abdugapparov, Gulnaz Zhalalova, Nadira Shavkatova, Lyubov Konovalova) who presented works in a realistic manner, often using impressionistic techniques. Usually they glorify the beauty of nature, the warmth of human relationships, the touching relationship , the value of a peaceful sky, the charm of childhood, etc.

Shadieva Shaira. In her works, the artist pays great attention to the beauty of forms and color ratios. Currently, she paints in various styles.

Today's virtual exhibition introduced you to the wonderful works of young talents.
Beauty will save the world - says popular wisdom. In fact, true beauty is in the soul of every person. Having started his day with good thoughts, a person steps firmly into a wonderful tomorrow.

And I would like to wish the young artists great success on their life's flight, so that their goals are achieved and we firmly believe and hope that their work will serve the further development of  our country’s  culture.


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