Love for the art from childhood

02 May 2017

    On the base of decree of Council of Ministers of  Republic of  Uzbekistan # 186 dated from  11.06.2014 children under 18 years  old  and  accompanying parents or teachers are  given  free admission twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays  to all museums of Uzbekistan regardless of their departmental administration  .

    This decree is aimed for providing eventful and informative leisure of population, especially children and forming of respect to historical past and high honour to historical values.
    From the first days of   the decree’s adoption, our State Museum of  Art  of Republic  of  Karakalpakstan named after   I.Savitsky  has become one of the more attended museums by our children. It should  be  noted  that schoolchildren from all and especially from remote districts come to the museum in the big groups. Lately one can see lined  up 10-15 buses near the museum building  on which the children come from far parts of  republic such as Shumanay, Kungrad and Muynak districts. According to the museum report, on these free admission days the number of visitors breaks our museum record reaching up to 2500-3000 children a day.


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