My favorite museum

28 May 2015

The ceremony of awarding the  winners of competition on the topic «My favorite museum» was held on the 27- th of May at the Karakalpak State museum of Arts.

The representatives of the Goethe-Institute in Uzbekistan, the museum of arts named after Savitsky and «OXUS culture»  announced the competition  on compositions on April of this year in which the pupils of the 6 th-9 th forms from schools of Karakalpakstan took-part.

The aim of the competition is to attract the pupils attention to museums, to educate  their interest in history, culture and art, love to the native land and also the populization of the museum, developing creative skills among the growing generation.

At the result of thorough selection the special comission defined the best works from 136 compositions in  German, English, Russian, Uzbek and Karakalpak languages and winners  were presented  memory presents and honorary diplomas from the Goethe-Institute.

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