Exhibition" Three facets of creativity»

19 April 2018

   On April 19,  at 11:00 am at the State Museum of Art of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after  I. V. Savitsky was held the opening of the exhibition "Three  facets of creativity" dedicated to the annual "Festival of fine arts of Uzbekistan".

  The idea of the festival is to support talented artists, show all modern trends and directions in contemporary art of Uzbekistan.

  The painters of Uzbekistan will offer to the visitors their best artworks done in different directions of modern art.
   The exhibition features more than 100 works of artists in different styles of painting - from expressionism to romantic symbolism. They belong to different dierctions of fine art, but they all share one thing – the true identity of gifts, unusual color and extraordinary view of the world. Many of the participants have already exhibited their works at republican and international exhibitions, but among them there are works that will be presented to a wide audience for the first time.

  The aim of exhibition is an introduction of a wide audience to the unknown aspects of contemporary art of Uzbekistan through the art of A.Tyurin, A.Babaev and V.Enin.

   The art of A. Tyurin (Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan) and A.  Babayev can be characterized as a creative search, rejection of stereotypes and the development of new styles in contemporary art. V. ENIN (Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan) is known for his paintings about nature. This is an amazing, extremely realistic, vivid and bright landscapes saturated with life.  
  We think that the exhibition will be not only an interesting event in the cultural life of the Republic, but also help to appreciate the talent and creativity of three artists of Uzbek contemporary art. In addition, the exhibition promotes aesthetic and patriotic education of young people and introduces the  culture  to a wide audience. 
 From April 19 to June 19, 2018  the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I. V. Savitsky is waiting for all residents of Nukus and guests of the city.


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