The exhibition "Pulse"

24 December 2019

    On December 24, 2019  the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I.V. Savitsky opened the personal exhibition of the painter Serekeev Bakhtiyar entitled "Pulse".

    The purpose of this exhibition is to familiarize art lovers with the work of the young artist Bakhtiyar Serekeev, increase youth interest in the work of Karakalpak artists, increase the level of culture and the level of enlightenment of the population, and awaken love for the motherland.
    Artist Bakhtiyar Serekeev was born in 1990 in Nukus city of Republic of Karakalpakstan. Since childhood, being fond of fine art, in 2013  B. Serekeev graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after  K. Bekhzod.
    In 2005, the first personal exhibition of B. Serekeev was held in the exhibition hall of the Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. Since this year, he has been working fruitfully and takes part in national and international competitions and exhibitions. Among them, we would like to  note the exhibition-competition "I Live with  Your Love - Homeland", organized in 2011 by ECOSAN-Ecology and the International Health Fund, as well as the "Teacher and Student" competition, held by the same organization in 2013, in which B. Serekeev has become winner and was awarded a diploma for the series of works “My pain, my hope”, devoted to the topic of the Aral Sea. In 2012 he participated in the Peace Day contest held by the Tashkent Office of the United Nations and  in 2013 he took part  in the VII International Biennale. For participation in these and in many other competitions, exhibitions, a talented artist won prizes and was awarded special diplomas and certificates. In 2014, a personal exhibition of the artist was held in the Tashkent House of Photographs.
     The exhibition presents more than 80 works by the artist, performed in various genres and topics. The paintings are filled with events and motions: “For the Wedding”, “After the Rain”, “Travelers”, etc. You can see a peculiar way of painting of B. Serekeev in his works. In many works of the artist, his peculiar outlook is traced, the paintings are filled with various feelings and emotions - “Appetite”, “Hope”, “For Mother”, “Life”.
     The works performed in the portrait genre are very interesting, they convey not only the external appearance, but also reflect the character and inner world of the heroes: “Portrait of Akhmet”, “Father”, “Portrait of Batyr”.
     The canvases dedicated to the Aral Sea reflect the artist’s interest to the fate of the Aral Sea, he lets himself through and feels this pain in his own way, splashing out experiences on canvas. The sand, the remains of a large ship in the work of “Aral Swing”, captured the sad face of today's Aral, but the image of a little girl merrily riding on a swing is given by the author as the personification of the hope that the sea will return.
      Today, the works of B. Serekeev are highly appreciated by art critics and are exhibited not only in republican exhibitions, but also are stored in the “State Museum of Kazakhstan”, as well as in private collections in many countries.



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