At present moment the museum expositions are located in two buildings.

The museum exhibitions consist of the Ancient Art, the Applied Folk Arts of Karakalpaks, the Uzbek and the Russian paintings of the 1920-1930s, as well as the contemporary art of Karakalpakstan.

The exhibitions address:
K. Rzaev Street, Nukus,
Republic of Karakalpakstan, 230100

The Museum can provide the tours with personal museum guide to the historical sites of Ancient Khoresm and to Muynak, the former port of the Aral Sea.

Contact us:
K.Rzaev Street, Nukus
Republic of Karakalpakstan, 230100
Tel/fax: (998-61) 222-25-56

                                  The Museum working hours:

Monday                                  day off
Tuesday-Wednesday            9.00-18.00
Thursday                               9.00-19.00
Friday                                     9.00-18.00
Saturday                                10.00-18.00
Sunday                                   10.00-17.00

Admission Fees for the individual foreign visitors:

Categories of Visitors                         Entrance Fee- One building                Entrance Fee- Two buildings
Adults                                                   40 000 soums                                        60 000 soums
Students                                               32 000 soums                                        48 000 soums
Children                                                16 000 soums                                        25 000 soums

Guided tour fees for the  foreign visitors

Category of visitors                      Guided tour  Fee- One building                Guided tour - Two buildings     

Adults                                                       64 000 soums                                          128 000 soums 
(from 1 to 5 persons)                                           
64 000 soums                                           128 000 soums
(from 1 to 10 persons)
48 000 soums                                            80 000 soums 
(from 1 to 10 persons)

Note: In case of purchasing guided tour tickets, you will buy the entrance ticket as well.

We allow photographing and video shooting of the museum collection.

  Types of services                              Fee for One building             Fee for Two buildings     

Photographing                                      192 000 soums                          320 000 soums 
Video Shooting                                     480 000 soums                          800 000 soums
Chronicle Shooting:                             1 600 000 soums/day                2 400 000 soums/day
Working in the library                           10 000  soums


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