Explanations to the situation that occurred in the museum on July 16, 2018.

20 July 2018

  In connection with the discrepancies that flooded the Internet space in relation to our museum, we consider that it is necessary to give an explanation about the incident in the exhibition hall of the second building of museum.

  On the night of July 15 to July 16 on the third floor of the exhibition hall of the second building, one of the sprinklers of fire fight system sprang spontaneously with water, as a result of it, the painting of A. Shevchenko "Woman with the Buckets" has been damaged from the water spray. The paint layer of work has been peeled off in some places. According the preliminary conclusion of the restorers of the museum, the work can be restored. At the moment, the museum administration is negotiating to involve high-quality specialists for the restoration of this work.

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