The State Museum of Arts of Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I. Savitsky has opened a new exposition

29 August 2017

           In commemoration of the 26th anniversary of Independence Day of Republic of Uzbekistan, the the State Museum of Arts of Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I. Savitsky announces about the opening of the new exposition dedicated to Visual Arts of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

The exhibition halls are located in the new block of the museum on the second and third floors. In exposition block is represented more than 500 paintings, graphics, sculptures and works of decorative applied art by painters of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan and Russia from storage and partly from current exposition of the museum.
            The display of the second floor starts with the section of Contemporary Art of Karakalpakstan. This section reveals the history of establishment and development of Fine Arts of republic beginning from 1960 till 1990 more extensively and completely and shows originality and individuality of art of elder and middle generation of Karakalpak painters.
         The exposition displays the development of such kinds of Visual  Arts like painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and dramatic art and I. Savitsky played a great role in the formation of them in the republic. The crowning glory of the exposition are the artworks of the leading Karakalpak painters and sculptors such as K.Saipov, K.Berdimuratov, F.Madgazin, A.Erimbetov, J.Bekanov, J.Izentaev, B.Serekeev, J.Lepesov, A.Shpady, D.Tureniyazov, J.Kuttymuratov, A.Atabaev and others.
           On the third floor the art of painters of Uzbekistan from 1920-1930 and artworks of Russian painters of XX century (graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, plastic art) are exhibited.       
          The section of Visual arts of Uzbekistan is being as a striking phenomenon in world artistic culture of century and it holds a special place in museum collection. It has passed several stages in its establishment and development reflecting the peculiarities of historical, social-economic and cultural development. The ancient historical relics of monumental painting, medieval miniature, works of decorative and applied art of Uzbekistan combine in themselves consummate art of old masters expressing  unique outlook, philosophical, poetical and stylistical traditions.    
          The new exhibition of  Uzbekistan Art  gives an opportunity to learn about the founders of uzbek school:A. Volkov, U. Tansykbaev, N. Karakhan, N.Kashina, A.Nikolaev, M.Kurzin, A. Podkovirov and etc.
          The artworks of Russian painters of XX century are on display on the same floor. Considerable part of  artworks presents the artistic movements of early decades of last century that was little known or forgotten for a long time. 
           The section of Russian painters is represented not only by paintings, graphics, sculptures and decorative and applied art works of such painters as A.Shevchenko, A.Morgunov, A.Kuprin, N.Kuznetsov, R.Falk, V.Komarovsky, M.Rodionov, M.Sokolov, I.Zakharov, A.Ribnikov, V. Shukhaev, R.Mazel, N. Grigoriev, A.Sofronova, S.Luppov, N.Tarasov, K.Redko, P.Surikov, S.Nikritin, B. Ribchenkov, B.Golopolosov, M.Nedbaylo, A.Poret, N.Kashina, A.Stavrovsky, N.Pomansky, but also reproduces  a bright picture of  Russian art life in all scale. The visitor sees the most part of the section for the first time.
           The exposition isn’t only an important event in cultural life of the capital but it also introduces   visitors to the more complete and actual information that helps them orientate in the art world.


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