Saipov Kdyrbay(1939-1972)

Studied at the Republican Benkov Art School in Tashkent, at the Department of Painting (1952-1957). After graduating from it, he began to work at the State Musical Drama and Comedy Theatre named after K.Stanislavskiy in Nukus, initially as an artist, then (from 1958) as an art director.
The first play, decorated by Saipov at the theatre was the historical drama “Bakhit” (late 1957). During the subsequent years he decorated the play by K.Vinnikov and Yu.Oscarov “White lotus” (1959) written according to the motifs of ancient Indian legend. His sketches for this play were acquired by the Theatre Museum named after Bakhrushin in Moscow. During a short term the artist designed and decorated over 50 performances.
K.Saipov was one of the first Karakalpak professional artists and despite his very short life he had a significant influence on development of Karakalpak Fine Arts.

In the evening on the Amu-Darya River. Oil on canvas. 41x100