Nikolay Grigoriev (1880-1943)

Studied at the Kazan Art School under N.Feshin in 1903-1909 and in 1909-1914, at the Moscow School of Painting,Sculpture and Architecture under A. Arkhipov, K.Korovin and L.Pasternak. He was a member of the following associations: “Moscow Salon” in 1911-1914, “Trade Union of Artists -Painters in Moscow” in 1918, “World of Art” in 1921, “Makovets” in 1922, OMKH (Society of Moscow Artists) in 1927- 1932. Worked as a teacher at the Preliminary Training Department of VKHUTEMAS (Higher Art Technical Studios) and VKHUTEIN (Higher Art Technical Institute), at the Architecture and Construction Institute, and the Department of Fabric Styling of Moscow Textile Institute.

Coffee-house. 1920. Oil on canvas. 81x71,5

Still-life with a lamp. 1921. Oil on canvas. 71x53