Popova Lyubov (1889-1924)

In 1907-1908, she attended S.Zhukovskiy’s studio and the School of Painting and Drawing of K.Yuon and I . Dudin. In 1910, she went to Italy where she was deeply impressed by Giotto’s paintings. In 1911, she visited Pskov and Vologda where she studied Old Russian art. In 1912-1913, together with V.Pestel and N.Udaltsova, she studied in the Academie la Palette in Paris. In 1913-1915, together with V.Bart and K.Zdanevich, she worked at V.Tatlin’s studio “Bashnya” (Tower). In 1914, she travelled across France and Italy and in 1915-1916, she became a member of the “Jack of Diamonds” association. In 1918, she was a member of college of the Fine Art Department of the People’s Comissariat for Education. Since 1918 became a professor of the Free Art Studios. From 1920-1921 - a member of the Institute of Artisitic Culture (INKHUK) and the professor of VKHUTEMAS (Higher Art Technical Studios).

Houses. 1914. Paper, water-colour, pencil drawing, ink.33,8x25,3

Head . 1920. Paper, pencil drawing.33,3х24,4