Telingater Solomon (1903-1969)

S.Telingater studied at the Art Studios of the Ministry of People’s Education in Azerbaijan, then in VKHUTEMAS- (Higher Art Technical Studios) in Moscow (1920-1921). From 1925, he worked in many journals and publishing houses. Telingater was one of the first illustrators of A. Block’s poem “Twelve”. He paid much attention to drawn types (prints), regarding them to increase the expressiveness of book design. In 1963, he was awarded Iohan Gutenberg Prize for his distinguished services in the sphere of book designing art.

Sketch of the cover “Quality of qualities”. 1920s. Paper, ink, water colour. 29,2x 21,6

Sketch of the play-bill. “Theo Comedy” Theatre. 1921. Paper, ink, white paint.25,2x20,3