Rozhdestvenskiy Vasiliy (1884-1963)

Graduated in art from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1911. His teachers S.Korovin and K.Gorskiy described his painting technique as an impressionist. From 1907 onwards, he participated in the Leonardo da Vinci Society exhibitions, the “Moscow Association of Artists”, “Jack of Diamonds”, “World of Art”, “Association of Moscow Painters”, “AKHRR”. In 1912, the artist visited Italy. Rozhdestvenskiy travelled a great deal within the USSR, from the Crimea and Caucasus to Karelia from Central Asia to Altay. The artist recalls his trip to Samarkand: “…worked little: painted an Uzbek in a bright kaftan and made several sketches”.

Ubayda. 1926. Oil on canvas. 113x93

House walls. Oil on canvas. 119x103