Shevchenko Alexander (1883-1948)

While at the Real School, A. Shevchenko took up drawing which enabled him to enter the Stroganov School. In early 1905, he left for Paris where he took classes from Carriere and attended many workshops and studios. He studied museum collections and made sketches and studies in Boulogne, Saint Cloud, and Versailles. In 1906 his works were exhibited in the Salon of the Independent Artists. In Paris he got to know Altman, Benois and Diaghilev. On return to Russia, Shevchenko actively participated in the exhibitions of the Moscow Association of Artists, the “Donkey Tail” association, “Mishen” (Target) and “#4” . His passion for the impressionists and Cezanne did not tempt him to imitate them rather be guided by them in his search for an individual style. A talented teacher, Alexander Shevchenko, had such bright students as R.Barto, B.Golopolosov, E.Zernova, B.Kapterev, K.Suryaev and others.

Wife’s portrait.1905. Oil on canvas. 107x102

Woman with buckets.1914. Oil on canvas. 123x100