Pshesetskaya Vera (Runa) (1879-1945/46)

She was an active member of the “Amaravella” group. Only five portraits painted by Pshesetskaya were preserved - all the rest perished. B.Smirnov- Rusetskiy wrote about Runa “It seemed as if she was sent us (members of “Amaravella”) by some Supreme Will in order to unite and consolidate our group and to complete our searches with more deep sense”. In St.Petersburg she was a member of the hobby club on theosophy and knew all the books concerning theosophy very well. In their theosophic club they conducted spiritualistic séance, devoted to exploring the nature of Venus. Her husband was Pyotr Uspenskiy. It was her husband who enriched her knowledge in occultism. In 1930 Pshesetskaya was arrested and sent into exile in Arkhangelsk. According to Smirnov-Rusetskiy, she died in 1945 or 1946.

Portrait of Sardan.(Tar.) 1928. Oil on canvas. 106x54,5