Milashevskiy Vladimir (1883-1976)

Draftsman, watercolourist, painter. Painted landscapes, portraits, domestic interiors and everyday life scenes. Illustrator. Produced also posters, sketches for theatre. He was born in Tiflis. Studied at the Saratov Real School where his teacher of drawing was the artist V.Konovalov, who also worked at the Bogolyubov Drawing School and its evening classes were attended by the future artist (1906-1907). He studied drawing and painting in the studios of A.Grot and E.Steinberg (1911-1913) in Kharkov. He also was educated at the Higher Art School of the Academy of Art in St.Petersburg at the architectural department. His teachers were N.Bruni, I.Tvorozhnikov, G.Zaleman, A.Makovskiy. Worked at the “New Art Studio” (1913-1915) under the guidance of M.Dobuzhinskiy, E.Lancere, A.Yakovlev. For the first time exhibited his works at the Exhibition of works by the artists - members of the House of Art (1921) in Petrograd. From 1924 onward lived in Moscow. One of the founders of the “13” group. Participant of numerous exhibitions in the USSR and abroad.

Man with a water lily.1931. Oil on canvas. 84x51