Zhegin Lev (1892-1969)

Studied at the School of Painting and Drawing under K.Yuon and I.Dudin in Moscow (1909-1910), and the Moscow School of Painting,Sculpture and Architecture under N.Kasatkin and S.Miloradovich (1911-1918). During the same years he attended the law faculty of the Moscow University. In 1913 L.Zhegin for several months studied the modern Western European art, visited museums of Paris, London, Rome. V.Mayakovskiy’s first book “Me” (1913) was designed by his young friends L.Zhegin and V.Chekrygin. Zhegin regularly presented his works at the exhibitions of associations “World of Art” (1917-1921), “Art-Life”, “Makovets” (1922-1925), “Way of Painting” (1926-1930). Participated in decoration of Moscow devoted to the first anniversary of revolution (1918), worked as a teacher at the House of Art in Sokolniki district of Moscow (1920), the Moscow Proletcult studio (1920-1925). An author of books and articles on art theory.

Group with red cloth. Charcoal on paper, coloured cardboard, pencil. 24,5x24,1; 17,3x23

Dancers. Charcoal on paper. 31x32,5